From the beginning of time, mothers have made their children dolls from scraps or rags of material, often with simplistic or no facial features. These dolls build on this beginning, and each one is a labour of love, made in a home by a mother, for a child (no matter what age!).

Another Day, Another Doll

handmade Waldorf Dolls to order

"Floppy Baby" Dolls:

These are made from a design created by Jen Williams at Lalidolls. They are 12" tall, with hand sculpted needle felted faces, a time consuming process which takes 3-4 hours for the face alone. The limbs are stitched to the body in such a way that they gently fall, like a newborn baby. They have an internal pocket which contains cherry stones for weight (cherry stones are a natural weighted filler which can be machine washed without sprouting!). The price starts from £100 which includes a choice of hair and one set of clothing.

The Waldorf approach places its emphasis on providing worthwhile practical activities for children to imitate, learning through example and role play .Extensive time is given for guided free play in a classroom environment that is homelike, includes natural materials, and provides examples of productive work in which children can take part.

The Waldorf dolls fit into Steiners ethos that simple toys made from natural materials should be used in imaginative play. The dolls are intentionally designed with a simple neutral expression to allow them to adopt any number of roles within play. Steiners educational principles are well established throughout Europe, but have been slower to become popular in the UK.