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Once the facial features are in place, the head is skinned with an elasticated fabric which smoothes out the contours created by the bindings. A little blush is added to the apples of the cheeks.

The eyes are then added, threaded through to the back of the head

The body is constructed of limbs filled with a looser density of lambswool. The limbs can be static, or button jointed to allow movement.

For the Waldorf dolls,each doll starts life as a compacted ball of lambswool, which is pulled into an elasticated ‘sock’ – string bindings are pulled around the head to form the features – one for the eyeline, one to form the chin. Next the nose is created by pinching a button of fabric with another loop of thread.

Another Day, Another Doll

handmade Waldorf Dolls to order

Pictures coming soon !

The head is then stitiched into the body, and the hair added. The hairstyle is of the client’s choosing is then created and then stitched to the scalp.

The clothes requested by the client are then made, from the fabrics where we are able to attest to the fabrics fire safety – in order to maintain the CE certification, all materials used in the constructon must be traceable, as well as the construction methods used to assemble the doll.

We believe  passionately in the proven safety of our dolls