16" Companion Dolls:
The traditional Waldorf dolls we make are about 16” in height, and take between 12 and 16 hours to complete. they appeal to Adults and children alike the prices start from £120 for a basic doll and includes your choice of hair, and one outfit. we can make them button jointed or static limbs.if you have further requirements please ask.

Dangly Dell dolls:
These make great “first dolls” for newborns – they are soft to cuddle, and the wool stuffing will absorb the Mums scent prior to giving to the baby they are about 12 inches long and take 3-4 hours to make and are made from a selection of fabrics of the clients choosing. £18 - 20 depending on fabric.

Pea pods:
These are new additions to the range, the idea came from a conversation with a preschool manager about a toy which could help children learn to count. The set consists of 10 felt gnomes who live in a velour pea pod, lined with a bamboo fleece or brushed cotton. The gnomes are made from wool felt, not acrylic and filled with lambswool fleece. The heads are wooden, covered with 100% organic cotton. Numbers are hand embroidered and can also have letters or personalised to your requirements! These cost £70 which includes 10 Gnomes and their peapod home.

The dolls are individually made, therefore each one has its own character and personality. Children often become firm friends with their doll, and share many experiences with them. The dolls are stuffed with wool fleece, so are always warm to the touch, they absorb scent so often smell familiar and comforting to the child. The dolls are very tactile, and once you have picked up one of these dolls you often find yourself cradling it!

For children who struggle with reading faces and emotions, dolls can be made with no facial expression, and minimal features to allow the child to have an 'uncomplicated' friend.

We offer a choice of skin colours and hair colour/styles - have a look at the images in the gallery and choose something you like. The fabrics are carefully selected from assured suppliers to ensure the finished doll retains its CE compliance. If you are after something specific that you don't see, please ask! 

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